Federal Punch Line Now Includes 44 S&W Special


Federal Punch Line Now Includes 44 S&W Special

The Punch line of Personal Defense ammunition was launched by Federal Premium in 2020. From the controllable .22 Long Rifle, all the way to the powerful 10mm Auto, the line provided shooters with many options. In 2022, Federal has decided to expand the popular defensive ammunition line. This year, the Federal Punch line has expanded to include the .44 S&W Special cartridge.

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Shooters who choose to protect themselves with the powerful 44 S&W Spl. can now opt for the versatility of Federal® PunchTM. Like all loads in the line, the 180-grain offering was developed using Federal Ammunition’s decades of experience designing the world’s finest defensive handgun loads.

Federal Punch Line Now To Include 44 S&W SPL

Force X2 Shorty

This .44 S&W SPL loading sends a 180-grain bullet toward your threat. To find the best balance between penetration and consistent expansion, Federal used a jacketed hollow point. The soft lead core is ideal for expansion, while the jacket ensures good penetration through clothes and light barriers. Depending on your environment, ammunition can be exposed to moisture, effectively ruining it. For this reason, Federal chose to add a primer seal, ensuring your rounds go bang when you really need them to. The Federal Punch line is made in the United States and every box gives you 20 defensive cartridges.


  • Caliber: .44 S&W Special
  • Bullet weight: 180 grains
  • Bullet type: Jacketed hollow point
  • Rounds per box: 20
  • MSRP: $35.99

Federal Expands Punch

If you’d like to read more about this new loading, check back upon its release this year on the Federal Premium website. You can also learn more about this and other products when you follow Federal on social media. Like, follow, and all that good stuff on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Stay alert and protect your loved ones!


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