Gerber and Randy Newberg Team Up to Develop a Line of Field Dressing Tools


Gerber and Randy Newberg Team Up to Develop a Line of Field Dressing Tools

In a world where our gear is tailor made to fit very specific pursuits, Gerber believes not all knives are created equal. So they teamed up with Randy Newberg, who has over 30 years of elk hunting under his belt, and set out to build field dressing tools specifically with elk hunters in mind. The result was two separate field dressing tools called the Exchangeable Blade System (EBS) and the Dual Tool System (DTS).

These knives were a big hit at the 2020 SHOT Show, when Gerber introduced them to the public for the first time. So what’s the big deal behind these tools?

Well, it should be pointed out that elk are much different than whitetail, or even mule deer. They’re obviously much larger animals – which requires more blade time after recovering them – but their bones and joints are also bigger and stronger, too. In short, regular “deer hunting knives” just don’t come with the durability required for cleaning elk.

This is where the initial plan for these tools was born.

I had the opportunity to talk a little with Randy about the process in developing these unique hunting knives, and he told me the EBS was actually where his ideas started. His thought was; if you have a replaceable blade that’s a scalpel, the other blades would help protect its integrity, thus solving the problem.

The EBS features three task-specific blades packed into what Gerber has called the “Quiet Carry blade box,” which effectively keeps the blades from rattling in your pack and spooking game that might be nearby. Most important, though, the meat and hide from your harvest will be in better shape due to the exchangeable backstrap blade, caping/breakdown blade, and multi-purpose blade. According to the Gerber Gear website, the blades for both knives are made of 440C steel. An ultra tough, corrosion-resistant high carbon steel that will stand up to years of use.

The second tool the Gerber engineers created was the DTS.

It’s a folding knife with one primary blade for skinning and fine cutting work, and also features a specially designed “tendon tool” made for cutting and separating tendons, or any other work that might dull the main blade. In my conversation with Randy, he said he’s been using the tendon tool on the DTS for two years now, cleaning multiple elk with it, and still expects the blade to remain sharp for his entire lifetime. Pretty impressive!

Once you pick up and hold the DTS in your hands, all the little details crafted by Gerber’s team of engineers immediately start to shine. You can absolutely tell you’re holding a strong, steady tool built with some serious thought behind it. The purposeful no pocket clip design makes the DTS ideal for multiple grip styles as well as ambidextrous use, but also makes the knife more comfortable to use in cold weather conditions. Any hunter who has downed an elk during a snow storm can certainly appreciate this minor detail!

And because of its barrel construction and pivot lock, cleaning the knife after use is a breeze as well.

“It’s been so rewarding working with Gerber through the years,” Newberg expressed in a press release. “I’ve hunted alongside the Gerber team and developed products alongside them. I hope the EBS and DTS tools provide other hunters with solutions to the same problems we face in the field.”

The Randy Newberg line of field dressing tools come with an MSRP of $60 each. A very favorable price tag for such a solid piece of hunting equipment! Visit the Gerber Gear website for more information.

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