Here’s What You Need to Know About How to Wear a Boot Knife


Here’s What You Need to Know About How to Wear a Boot Knife

How to wear a boot knife

Boot knives are popular for a number of reasons. They are great for self defense- after all, most people don’t look for knives hidden in boots. They are also handy if you are constantly working with a blade and bending over, and they have a unique cultural connotation as being the tool and weapon of the skilled, and trained outdoorsman or urban denizen. But how do you wear a boot knife?

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There are a lot of ways to wear a boot knife. The classic way of course is to conceal it inside your boot. This can be done to provide yourself with a last ditch sort of weapon, or a well hidden primary weapon. One can even wear a boot knife outside the boot as did the elite 101st Airborne during WWII. Some people prefer to wear a fixed blade knife strapped directly to the outside of their boot using special sheaths, or even a sheath built into the boot.

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If you are looking for more tips on how to wear a boot knife, well there are plenty more approaches. Many folding knives and some fixed blade sheaths have sturdy spring clips, or other methods for attaching the knife to your boot. Some sheaths are designed for inside or outside the boot carry, and many folding knives readily lend themselves to being clipped inside or outside the boot.

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Knowing how to wear a boot knife is one thing. In fact it is really simple, you literally just clip, strap or tuck the knife of your choice inside or outside the boot where it is most comfortable and readily accessible to you. Another important question is why wear a boot knife?

We briefly touched on the why of boot knifes, but like anything involving weapons and tools, the reality is more complex. Many people think of boot knives as covert weapons for scoundrels and decent citizens alike. It is true that they are handy weapons for those who know how to use them. They also make great backup weapons, especially for those who carry a concealed pistol, or may not be able to carry a defensive knife or other weapon on their belt.

The popular uses of boot knives are limited only by law and imagination. How to wear a boot knife when working construction or outdoor trades really depends on what kind of blade you are carrying. Small utility knives probably slip in and out of a boot pretty easy, and are hard to lose when worn that way. Larger work knives might be best worn in a sheath outside the boot. Either way, place the knife where it is easiest for you to access under the conditions you expect to most regularly draw it.

The same can be said for how to wear a boot knife for personal protection. A knife strapped to the outside of the boot gives some flexibility in how it can be carried, as well as the overall size. A smaller knife clipped inside of the boot makes for a discrete, well hidden weapon, and the placement is up to the comfort and personal choices of the person wearing it.

Most boot knives are fixed blade, and smaller than knives traditionally worn on the belt. This is simply due to the logistics of how to carry a boot knife. Comfort and discretion both call for a smaller, more easily worn and sometimes concealed knife. In fact, comfort might be one of the main reasons people choose to wear a boot knife. Pocket knives have an upper limit in size before they become too large for the pocket, and then become something to wear on the belt. Belt carry isn’t always feasible for folding or fixed blade knives for any number of reasons, ranging from the nature of your attire, to already having other stuff on your belt. In fact, many boot knives are worn by people who are already encumbered with gear elsewhere on their bodies, but still desire a good, accessible knife.

As you can see, how to wear a boot knife is a fairly simple task. You quite literally put it in or on your boot where you desire it the most. You should always be aware of local laws when carrying a boot knife though, as you may run afoul of restrictive regulations that treat fixed blade or certain forms of concealment as illegal or highly regulated. But when you can legally and safely wear a boot knife, you’ll find it is generally comfortable, easy to do and even reassuring when you find yourself in a difficult situation.

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