How to Get License information in Your State

A firearms license is a legal permit that allows a person to own a firearm. The licenses are issued by the state or municipality where the applicant lives and are usually issued by the police department. The license permits someone to own, posses and use the firearm, but comes with certain conditions and restrictions. In addition, the applicant will have to pass a background check and prove that they don’t use drug illegally and have never been convicted of a felony or a crime that could have resulted in a one year or more prison term. Some places don’t require a license, so it’s wise to get specific license information in your state.

In addition to the general requirements of a firearm license, many jurisdictions issue the licenses for limited uses. For instance, some will be issued for hunting, while others will enable a holder to carry a concealed weapon.

If you want license information for your state, you need to contact the police department in your area and find out about the process. At, we want you to be informed about firearms and how to become a legal license holder. Contact us for more information on license information or look around our site and read the other articles about firearms.