The Top Five Firearms Safety Tips

At, we believe in treating firearms with respect and taking the necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. That’s why we’re providing the top five firearm safety tips below. Read them and put them into practice so that you will be the best gun owner you can.

#1: Never Point Your Firearm at Random

It’s important that you handle your firearm carefully, and perhaps the number one of the safety tips is that you never point the muzzle at another person or any other area that would be dangerous. Instead,be sure to keep the muzzle pointed down with the safety on.

#2: Don’t Rely on the Safety

Speaking of keeping your gun safety on, you can’t always rely on the fact that it will be engaged or in proper working order. Never assume that the safety will work and use your firearm dangerously. Many people have had accidents with their guns after assuming that the safety was engaged and working properly.

#3: Watch Where You’re Pointing

When you’re taking aim, don’t just focus on the target, but pay attention to what’s around it. Some people get so focused on the target that they fail to see other people, animals or items that are in the target range. Don’t shoot until you’ve taken a good look at the entire area that your firearm is pointed toward.

#4: Don’t Keep a Loaded Gun

When you’re storing your firearm, it should be put away unloaded. The same is true for times that you have the gun out, but aren’t planning to fire it. We’ve all heard stories about people getting killed because someone didn’t know a firearm was loaded.

#5: Know Your Firearm

This should go without saying, but not everyone understands how to handle their gun, or the specific characteristics of it. It’s another of the most important safety tips because if you don’t know how your gun is going to react in certain situations, then you won’t be able to properly handle it.
At, we want you to enjoy your gun while keeping you and others safe. If you want to know more about safety tips for firearms, then you should feel free to contact us. Our business is firearms, and we work hard to ensure that people handle them properly.