SHOT Show 2019: Adventure Medical Kits


SHOT Show 2019: Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure medical kits

If you’re like me when you go to the field, the gun range or when traveling you like to be prepared, at least I hope you do. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products that relate to preparedness. This year at the 2019 SHOT Show I stopped by to visit the folks at Adventure Medical. Long known for providing medical kits and related gear for the survival minded person.

This year Adventure Medical has come out with several new products that will help insure anyone wishing to be prepared have some first aid essentials at their fingertips should disaster strike. New gear for 2019 from Adventure Medical includes:

–Trauma Pak I is designed for immediate response/ bleeding stoppage and includes: WoundStop trauma dressing, EMT shears, sterile gauze dressing, nitrile gloves and instructions. This kit is compact, lightweight (5 ounces) and contained in a waterproof DryFlex bag. The Pak I can easily fit into a cargo pocket. MSRP is $17.49

Adventure Medical Kit 6
Trauma Paks I & II along with Quick Clot, by Adventure Medical

–Trauma Pak II also designed for immediate response to severe bleeding, Pak II includes: Windlass tourniquet, pressure dressing for a wound, triangular bandage, EMT shears, permanent marker, nitrile gloves and instructions. The Pak II is also compact and lightweight (8 ounces) for easy carry in the DryFlex bag. MSRP is $39.99

Adventure medical kit 2
Windlass Tourniquet, included in Trauma Pak II

–Quikclot Gauze, designed to stop bleeding up to five times faster than just straight gauze because of its hemostatic properties. The US Military issues comparable Quikclot Gauze in Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) to its soldiers.

Adventure Medical has these in two sizes, 3×24 inch and 3×48 inch, both in Z fold. MSRP $15.99 to $29.99

The company also has a new “Sportsman Series” of medical kits in four different sizes. MSRP on these kits range in price from $28.99 to $124.99.  Also a new SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) heat reflective poncho is available this year, MSRP is $7.99

No matter where your travels or activities take you it pays to be prepared in all ways possible. I like what Adventure Medical is doing to help in this regard. Check them out at

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