Taste Test: Gnarly Nutrition Salted Margarita Exercise Hydration


Taste Test: Gnarly Nutrition Salted Margarita Exercise Hydration

I’m always finding a way to get my sweat on. Whether it’s hiking the backcountry, doing some fishing or going for a run, exercise is a critical part of my life.

If you sweat, you need electrolytes to replenish your body with the lost salt and other minerals through your sweat.

I was working hard to get my garden beds up so I could plant my vegetable garden. I was working up a sweat so I decided to try out the Gnarly Nutrition Salted Margarita.

If I had to choose a favorite alcoholic beverage, it would be the margarita, frozen or blended. I tend not opt for salt on the rim, though (I know, blasphemy!), as I’m not a huge fan of the extra salt with it. If I were doing a shot of tequila, sure, the salt is required, but not so much with a margarita.

Being that I enjoy margaritas so much, I was excited to try this out. Seemed like an electrolyte made specifically for grown-ups.

Per the instructions, I poured a scoop into my 16-ish oz cup and stirred it up. I was really happy with how well it dissolved. I’ve had some drink mixes that refuse to dissolve well even after vigorously stirring them. For some of them, you have to put it into a blender. But this mix dissolved quickly in just a few seconds leaving no chunks behind.

This one has extra sodium and I can really taste that. For the type of sweating I was doing, I think this amount of sodium was a bit too much for me. However, for those who have done a vigorous sweat, this would have been perfect for them.

The taste was not bad at first. It definitely tastes like a salted margarita. However, I think the more that I drank it, the strong salted margarita flavor was just too strong for me. As I said, I love margaritas, but this flavor seemed to be heavy on the lime and salt that was just too overpowering for me. It could have been the extra sodium added to it that was a bit off-putting, but it was a struggle to get more than a few sips in.

I will say, from what I did drink, I didn’t feel sick or ill or have any negative effects. I have had some brands that have literally made me ill (kind of the opposite of what it’s supposed to do!). So I was really pleased with how pure this electrolyte mix is.

Gnarly Nutrition is really made for people who sweat a lot. The Gnarly Hydrate Salted Margarita with extra sodium wouldn’t be for someone who just came in from the garden, like me.

The Salted Margarita is a limited-time flavor and not all of their electrolyte mixes have extra sodium. I hope to try many more of their flavors in the future!


You can pick up this flavor or any other flavor from the Gnarly Nutrition website for around $29 for a 14oz bag!

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