The Perfect Present for Shooters of All Abilities


The Perfect Present for Shooters of All Abilities

If you’ve never heard of Gunsite, then I suggest taking a few minutes to read my article, “Top 5 Reasons to Visit Gunsite Academy in Arizona.”

The week I spent there this past October learning how to become a better long-range rifleman was eye-opening, challenging and most of all, fun. One of my classmates received his trip as a gift from his wife. How cool is that!

Gunsite offers a wide variety of classes, and the one that is perhaps most popular is called the 250 Defensive Pistol Class.

Gunsite quote:

This class is “The Gunsite Experience” and was first presented in October 1976 by Colonel Jeff Cooper. Regardless of your age, gender or experience, completing the 250 class will change your life! You will be well grounded in the ‘Modern Technique of the Pistol’, including marksmanship, gun handling and mindset. Through our systematic methodology you will achieve confidence, competence, new skills and best of all, peace of mind. Students emerge stronger, more alert, and conditioned to respond appropriately to any threat. The 250 includes five solid days of range work, lectures, low light/night shooting with flashlight techniques and intensive indoor and outdoor live fire simulators. You will learn to be in control of your immediate environment.

There is no prerequisite for this class, and cost is $1,695. And I love this part: Under the “class details” section for this 5-day class is a statement about how much ammo to bring: “1,200 rounds of ball ammo, 100 rounds of frangible for simulators.” Do the math . . . that’s a lot of shooting!

Someday I hope to return to Gunsite, and the 250 Defensive Pistol Class is high on my bucket list.

If you know someone who’s been really nice during 2017, then a trip to Gunsite might be the perfect Christmas gift.

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