When Doves Cry: HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove Loads


When Doves Cry: HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove Loads

Small birds, such as doves, require a special kind of hunting ammunition. Shot patterns need to be wide to accommodate for their speed, but can’t be too wide, allowing the small bird to dodge pellets. Using a blend of high-density bismuth and steel shot, HEVI-Shot may have found the perfect balance of shot size and density. On top of that, these new shells are 100% non-toxic, as they use no lead. New from HEVI-Shot, these are the HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove loads.

Dove Loads

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  • HEVI-Shot Continues Sponsorship of SportingDog Adventures

HEVI-Shot is proud to introduce new HEVI-Hammer Dove loads. HEVI-Hammer loads are manufactured using 15-percent high density bismuth (9.64 g/cc) and 85-percent precision steel. That small but mighty leading layer of bismuth over steel delivers nearly 50-percent more down range energy than pellets consisting of all steel at 40 yards. New for 2021, HEVI-Shot is offering 12- and 20- gauge options shot size No. 7 shot for hunters targeting smaller upland game birds such as dove.

NEW HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove Loads

Dove Loads

The new HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove loads from HEVI-Shot are made especially for shooting doves and other small birds. There is a 12- and 20-gauge option available. The 12-gauge shell has a 3″ length and a one-ounce charge weight. The number 7 shot flies toward your target at 1,350 feet per second. Also utilizing number 7 shot, the 20-gauge option loses a hair of velocity, but still zips at 1,325 feet per second. The 20-gauge is also in a 3″ shell, but launches a 3/4 ounce payload. The 15/85 mix of bismuth and steel allows shooters to use smaller shot to a more devastating effect. This is due to the immense density provided by bismuth.


  • Gauges: 12, 20
  • Materials: Bismuth, steel
  • Shell length: 3″
  • Shells per box: 25
  • MSRP: $31.99

Dove Loads

For more on these new dove hunting loads, be sure to trek over to the HEVI-Shot website. If you want further updates and product announcements right from HEVI-Shot, follow along on social media. They can be liked and followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Blast away!

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