Win up to 10k at the Florida Python Challenge


Win up to 10k at the Florida Python Challenge

You’re seeing the title right, go to South Florida and catch pythons to potentially win thousands in cash prizes this year in the Florida Python Challenge. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors this year, participants of the 2023 Florida Python Challenge can win their share of the prize money. The python wrangling event is being hosted by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). Featuring a grand prize of $10,000 sponsored by Inversa Leather, with a runner-up grand prize of $7500 sponsored by the Bergeron Everglades Foundation.

“This year we’re going to have $30,000 worth of prizes,” said FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto. “We want to thank the private sector. Without them we couldn’t offer such great incentives.”

Other prizes will be awarded in the three categories of professionals, novices, and military as well. These are courtesy of Edison National Bank/Bank of the Islands and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida.

The 2023 Florida Python Challenge takes place from August 4th-13th and is in effort to get people directly involved in conservation efforts in the Florida Everglades by helping in the removal of invasive species. To register for the python challenge visit here at Once there, complete the required online training and view optional other training opportunities to be ready to catch some snakes. Also, learn more about the target species the invasive Burmese Python along with the unique Everglades ecosystem. The website also has resources for planning your trip to South Florida to participate in the Florida Python Challenge.

Invasive Burmese Pythons

Burmese Pythons (Python bivittatus) are one of the largest snakes in the world and are originally native to Southeast Asia. Typically growing up to 16 feet in length there have been unconfirmed reports of snakes as long as 23 feet in length. In their native range, they are currently considered a vulnerable species, in South Florida they are an invasive pest that negatively affects the native wildlife and ecosystem. Originally brought in as pets, they are now in the wild eating native birds, mammals, and other reptiles. Since 2000 more than 18,000 Burmese pythons have been reported to the FWC as removed.

For more information on Burmese pythons, visit

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